Saving the Appalachian Mountains from MTR

For over a decade, we’ve been making trips to Beth’s home state of West Virginia. We have gotten passionately involved in the fight to help save the Appalachia Mountains from being totally destroyed by mountain top removal mining (MTR).  MTR poisons the water, creates public safety issues, distroys local culture and history, creates more unemployment, tons of explosives are detonated every day killing many animals and plants, destroying forests, lakes of toxic sludge create dangers, and on and on.

We have become involved with the environmental activists working on the MTR issue. We attended Mountain Justice Summer camp where we spoke about ecosexuality as a possible strategy.  Our documentary film, Goodbye Gauley Mountain–An Ecosexual Love Story, is about to be released. We did an ecosex wedding to the Appalachian mountians.  When the esteemed artist Reverend Billy put out a call for people to “build a mountain” in a Chase Bank lobby we joined in his protest. Chase was a major funder of MTR. As we so love Appalachia.  Chase Bank issued a statement that it was going to stop funding MTR.  Reverend Billy is our hero.

The issues raised with MTR are tearing families apart, and we understand that these issues are complex.  Our hearts go out to the people of the coal fields and we hope for good things all these families’ futures!  We will continue this fight against MTR. Meanwhile, everyone please turn out your lights as much as possible.


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