Barcelona Ecosex Workshop 1 & 2

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In Barcelona, mid July, we facilitated our first two ecosex workshops, Ecosex 1 & Ecosex 2. Our friend and colleague Diana Pornoterrorista produced the workshops in collaboration with Hangar Visual Arts Center.  We had eighteen people attend each workshop who came from six different countries.

For Ecosex 1, after introductions, we went to Parck De Centre Poblenou, which was a strangely designed park inspired by the French architect’s dream. We discussed asking Nature permission before connecting physically. (It’s only right!) We then looked for and shared our e-spots, got massaged and tickled by weeping willow trees, walked barefoot in the fountain, licked and kissed the grass, and other ecosensual delights. Homework was to masturbate and think of an ecosex fantasy, then make a video/photo/drawing/project and bring it to share with the group. We were all delighted and inspired by the offerings the next day.

Then, we went to a public beach and all got naked (legal in Barcelona), put clay all over our bodies, and the ocean waves had their way with us on the shoreline. We connected with the sky and exfoliated with the sand. We laughed a lot! By the end of the day everyone was fully identifying as “ecosexual” and we did a mini group wedding, where everyone took vows to love, honor and cherish the Earth. We gave each person a ring and an official ecosexual diploma. The bliss was palpable.

For Ecosex 2 we went to Cultadelia Park. We started off sharing the history of the ecosex movement. We went over some of the theory, ecosex fetishes, paraphileias and proclivities. We shared our ecosex scale. We read our hilarious ecosex lexicon, and people added some new words in Spanish throughout the day.  Ecosexercises consisted of some blindfolded Earth cuddling, extreme tree hugging, and making love to the Earth energetically through breath, undulation, intention, and imagination. Sprinkle demonstrated eco-ecstatic breathing to energy orgasm. We smelled, tasted, touched, looked at and listened to flowers, lavender, honeysuckle, dirt, clouds, and more.

The climax of the workshops took place at San Pau de Mar, an hour north of the city by train.  Our participants were amazingly open minded, enthusiastic, willing and darling. We asked them to each come prepared to offer an ecosex experience, performance, story, etc. to the group. The whole day was spent taking turns experiencing the offerings. One person showed us how to make love to fruits and vegetables; another offered sandalwood scented clay body painting. One person brought honey, which we put all over our bodies then exfoliated with the sand. A spontaneous watermelon fight broke out and we giggled with delight. Two participants offered some delightful eco-bdsm scenes with tall grass flagellation, aloe vera cactus spanking, sand bondage, and more. A woman from South America recreated the ancient Pachamama ritual. A woman sang and cried for the earth and asked us all to spray seawater on her from our mouths. We gave ourselves to the sea in a circle. We thought it might get cold and rain, but it never did. The whole experience was magical and according to the feedback, a life changing, paradigm shift for all. Including us. The waxing moon lit our way home. The workshops surpassed all our wildest expectations. We feel that this will be the first of many future ecosex workshops around the world.

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