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Stay up to date on all news and events from the Institute of SexEcology. Posts from our SexEcology facebook page are automatically posted here as well as  special postings from Beth and Annie.…/goodbye_gauley_mountain_an_e… Our (award winning)…

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Our (award winning) documentary is playing in the Regent movie theater in Arlington, Mass tomorrow, Tuesday night. It will be followed by a Q and A with the wonderful Abe Rybec of the Theater Offensive, who is from West Virginia and knows a lot about MTR and ecosex. It promises to be a lovely and very satisfying evening. We have been so busy with a performance yesterday that we haven't had time to really spread the word. If you know anyone in the Boston area or in Arlington area, please let them know about this special screening and I will give you a really big hard hug when I see you next and my deep gratitude. A good turn out for our first showing like this would make us very happy. We of course we want to get the word out about the painful realities of coal mining in as fun and sexy a way as possible! Thanks for any sharing!

The Regent Theatre | Arlington, MA
Visit the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA for great concerts, films, comedy nights and much more.…

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Today there's a nice preview article in the Santa Cruz weekly Good Times, largely about our Ecosexual Contingent performance. We welcome YOU to join us, as marchers, makers, documentarians, performers... etc. Find out more, and rehearsal on Saturday if you can make it. If not, just come and join us with your ecosexy attire and props. Info on (see parade). Its a sweet parade event with good vibes. You don't even have to be queer in any way. Just love nature. Which could be seen as queer. We're adding the E! x

Pride’s New Direction
Annual Pride celebration gets new management, route and an environmental cause Would people treat the Earth better if they thought of it as a lover and not a mother? Would the environmental

SexEcology's Facebook Wall 2015-05-31 17:59:22

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Our wonderful, generous, fabulous sponsors for our next movie and Pride Parade related projects are all up on our webpage now. We love you sponsors!!! Dear FB friends, feel free to "like" one or more of these great companies' FB pages if you want to reward them for helping create alternative economies where we all help each other do nice things. It takes an eco-village to build a world that loves and appreciates nature more. Sure, Beth and I could probably produce these things ourselves with our little budget, but not as abundantly and lavishly! We like to pamper our collaborators. YOU. Which brings me to our call for collaborators. On June 7 march in our 'celebrating water' contingent with us in Santa Cruz pride, and June 28 march with us in San Francisco pride. Details at Express yourself! Celebrate nature! Call attention to the eco-crises we are facing. Lets be the solution! Ra ra ra! I"m going to the BEACH today with my hubbie Joseph Kramer. fefore more tar hits the sand.
GT's Kombucha
Oh My Green - OMG
DOVE Distributors, Inc.
Pepples Donuts
Frontier Bites
Amy's Kitchen
Rainbow Grocery Cooperative
Lev's Original Kombucha
Any other businesses want to join us?

Food & Drink Sponsors
FOOD & DRINK SPONSORS To build a new movement, make a documentary film about loving and caring for water, and to nurture our ecosexual community and beyond, it takes an eco-village! Becka Shert...

Dear Friends and Colleagues Extraordinaire, Greetings from the redwood forest. W…

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Dear Friends and Colleagues Extraordinaire,
Greetings from the redwood forest. We are writing to, 1.) say ‘hello’, 2.) inform you of our new projects, 3.) and extend an invitation to join us.
WATER MAKES US WET! We are launching several projects about the pleasures, politics, and importance of WATER! Perhaps you are up for doing something fun? Perhaps you, like us, love and take pleasure with water, and are concerned with the drought and the way water is being exploited and polluted? Join us in expressing your thoughts and feelings about water.
NEW FILM! After the success of our first documentary film, we are, GULP, starting another film! Goodbye Gauley Mountain—An Ecosexual Love Story (2013) played some great festivals, won some awards, and was picked up by Kino Lorber, a great distributor. Best part was that the film raised awareness about the destruction of mountain top removal coal mining in West Virginia and introduced all kinds of audiences to ecosexuality and the idea of Earth as lover. We want to extend this idea into a new film about water. This is where YOU come in! We’d like to invite you, and your friends, to create some performance pieces with us, and be in our new film.
PARADE PERFORMANCES! We’re doing two Pride parade contingents in June, officially adding the E (for Ecosexual) to GLBTQI, in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. These events will kick off with ribbon cutting ceremonies, water toasts, and some special short performances by special guests. Then we make our way along the parade routes. We’ll be dressed in black with blue accents as fierce, punk-rock-ish, sexy water warriors. La Pocha Nostra’s co-director Saul Garcia Lopez will direct us. Guillermo Gomez Pena and his beloved Balitronica are the godparents of this SF piece. Artist Sandy Stone is our Santa Cruz project angel.
CALL FOR COLLABORATORS! We seek performers, flag bearers, safety monitors, marchers, makers, make-up artists, hair artists, production assistants and more. We welcome humans of all body types, ages, genders, sexual preferences, colors, nationalities, mobilities and eco-proclivities. Find all the juicy details here:
Santa Cruz’s Ecosex Contingent Performance for June 7th:
San Francisco’s Ecosexual Contingent performance for June 28th:
ECOSEX WALKING TOURS--We are also performing Here Come the Ecosexuals!Walking Tour of Bernal Hill, directed by Joy Brooke Fairfield. June 21st we will film the 10:30 a.m. walk and would love to have you in our audience. (Free!) There’s also a tour at 5. Come get your ecosexual gaze on! Tour info here:
OUR SF HOUSE & BOULDER CREEK CABIN FOR RENT: In July, we will take off on a road trip around Northern California, exploring more about water with our film crew. To help fund our film crew and travels we are looking to rent out our houses for bits of July through September. If you or anyone is interested, contact us for more information.
A Ph.D. & A NEW BOOK! Beth is scheduled to defend her Ph.D. dissertation in October. Then at the end of this year, we have a book about our work due. Its called Assuming the Ecosexual Position, and it will be published by the great University of Minnesota Press. We expect photos of the above projects (perhaps with you in them) to be in the book.
We are busy bees here at Pollination Productions. Our greatest joy would be to have some quality time with YOU, soaking in the hot tub, hanging out at the beach… going swimming… Water makes us wet!
With sunshine and daffodils,
Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle

Santa Cruz Pride
ECOSEXUAL CONTINGENT PROJECT IN THE SANTA CRUZ PRIDE PARADE “Ecosexuality is a new approach to current thinking about global ecological crises, sexuality, eco-art and environmental activist strateg... If you want to co-create an ecosexy per…

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If you want to co-create an ecosexy performance in the pride parade with us, you don't have to be GLBTQI or het or anything. Just love the Earth, nature, water.... We are seeking performers, marchers, banner carriers, flag bearers, safety monitors, make-up artists, costume stylist, hair stylist, makers, ecosex educators and production assistants. June 7th in Santa Cruz and June 28 in San Francisco. Feel free to forward and post this link. We are adding the E for ecosexual to GLBTQII and aim to make the environmental movement more sexy, fun and diverse. Check out the details.

HERE COME THE ECOSEXUALS! Pride Parade Contingents and Ecosexual Performances We are producing and creating the USA's first official registered 'ecosexual contingent' in the San Francisco (June 28t... Our fabulous distributor for our film, Kino Lorber, has m…

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Our fabulous distributor for our film, Kino Lorber, has made a new web site with info how to see the film. We invite you to check it out. Its an ecosexual love story! xxx The film is available for theatrical release, and for colleges and univesitity's libraries. Pay per view comes later.

Goodbye Gauley Mountain Film
Two ecosexuals, Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, return to Beth's childhood home near Gauley Mountain. Hey all you eco-curious and ecosexy people. We have a new…

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Hey all you eco-curious and ecosexy people. We have a new website with big summer 7 week tour plans. Would love you to join us for one part or another. The big project will be creating a smashing performance in the GLBTQIA parade in San Francisco. An ecosex contingent. And we'll insist on the E getting added to the moniker. Everyone welcome to join us. Save the date. June 28. We're having a float and everything. Work in progress!

Here Come The Ecosexuals
Home A Road Trip, Pop-Up Performances, Walking-Tours, H2O Talks & a Documentary By shifting the metaphor from “Earth as mother” to “Earth as lover” we aim to entice people to develop a more mutual, pleasurable, sustainable, and less destructive relationship with the environment.WE ARE TWO ECOSEXUAL…

It all seems like Hallmarks big schmalzy day, I know. One could let it nauseate…

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It all seems like Hallmarks big schmalzy day, I know. One could let it nauseate oneself. But I love glitter and pink so I choose to go with the red hearts abundance flow. Here's our valentine to the Earth. We love him/her/they so much. Especially from here, the Clitoris of the USA, the top of Bernal Hill in spring time. Magnificent! Breath taking! California poppy pubic hair!? Happy valentine's day to all you people made of stardust, water and minerals. As you too are the Earth, we extend our love to you of course. I've got my 'ecosexual gaze' on this fine spring morning. Here's a datura tree is exposing herself to us in all her pale pink glory. Wow. Sex is going on everywhere! As a pro sex feminist when I see red hearts, I see vulva. Hearts are not shaped like the heart, but like a vulva. (Ecosex pride flag by Canadian artist Cindy Baker.) Today Beth Stephens and I will take the boat in the SF Bay to see "Ai Weiwei Explores Human Rights and Freedom of Expression in Series of New, Site-Specific Installations Inspired by Alcatraz Island" Then spend the evening with our beloved stardust and minerals, Joseph Kramer. The sun rays are penetrating my pores. Hmmm....ahhhh... You all should move to California. No don't! xxxooo And if you're feeling like you don't have a valentine and want one, why not think of the Earth as your valentine? She's already in her lingerie made of passion flower vines!

Our man Butch got neutered today. Beth snapped this photo of me napping on the f…

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Our man Butch got neutered today. Beth snapped this photo of me napping on the floor on a dog bed with Butch, making sure he doesn't try any licking of anything. We got the blow up collar but it is no match for Butches very long tongue and I think it has an air leak. So we're going with a clear victorian cone plastic collar. He hates it. Its a day at a time. Our poor boy. Puppy class tomorrow. Maybe he won't notice his balls are gone. No more tea bags. We love him a lot, after just two months.

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