1st International Ecosex Symposium

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Our 1st EcoSex Symposium was a three part production.  We began in Madrid, Spain in May. Beatriz Preciado invited us to the Reina Sophia to participate in her Somatheque 2013 Symposium. The theme of this symposium was Neoliberalism. We gave a lecture called Assuming the Ecosexual Position and we screened Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story. Then we held a series of lectures, workshops and the first Ecosex Film Festival with Emmetrop Art Center in Bourges France. After pollinating with the French we moved on to England.  We teamed up with the wonderful beekeeper and director Luke Dixon for a four day Ecosex Workshop with a delightful group of participants who came from 19 countries. Then Annie, Luke and I took what our budding ecosexual participants created to the Colchester Centre for the Arts and conducted an exciting performance art experiment that brought together academics, sex-workers, artists and performers. Finally, we performed Earthy: An Ecosex Boot Camp at the Conway Hall in London.  Most of the participants in our workshop joined in the production. It was an incredible experience.  The 1st International Ecosex Lab was our most fruitful symposium to date. To see more details of this symposium(s) go to http://ecosexlab.org  Stay tuned for more.

Somateca, Reina Sophia, Madrid, Spain

It’s Time for Ecosex, 1st International Ecosex Symposium, Emmetrop, France

1st International Ecosex Symposium, Colchester, England



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