Free Sidewalk Ecosex Clinic

When we were invited to be a part of a queer, open air market called Nightsoil, produced by an ecosexy artist collective called Dirtstar, we couldn’t resist. We offered free ecosex education for all, and simultaneously gathered new research as well. It was great to find a hot bed of queer environmental activism & art, as it is still quite rare.

Dirtstar explains. “Nightsoil is an open air night market where farmers, chefs, and storytellers gather under the twinkling light of projected histories of queer activism for environmental justice. A delicious menagerie of street food and art, at Nightsoil, headphones hang next to seedlings and performances range between farm stands, mapping our queer edible history and projecting that history into an imagined future. Canning jars glow with the pink and green ferments of potlucks, food co-ops, and back to the land faeries, Nightsoil will invoke tastes of queer diasporas with recipes that blend the fruit of our homelands with the queer cultures we have created. Cruise the night market, ducking into stalls to taste, watch, and plant. Pedal the neighborhood and discover how queers have been innovating with the HomoHomestead Bike Tour!”

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