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We have done a range of lectures and panels for over a decade. Our style is to improvise, to banter back and forth, complete each other’s sentences, and engage our audience with humor, visuals, and discussion. We love to collaborate with others. Panel or lecture topics can be a range of from topics, such as radical sex education, art making, environmental issues, love, GLBTQI, feminism, gender, performance and others.  Our visiting artist presentation is usually an hour and a half with discussion.

Here is an example:

Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens
A performative artist lecture, slideshow & tell

What happens when two city girls embrace the Earth as their lover? They get real dirty! Then they marry the Earth, Sky, Sea, Rocks, Sun, and more, in a series collaborative performance art weddings.

Stephens & Sprinkle have developed “sexecology,” a new field of research where art meets theory, meets practice, meets activism. Learn 25 ways to make love with the Earth, how to find your e-spot, and why mysophilia, arboreal frottage and pollen-amory are so deeply satisfying. These ‘grrrrls gone green’ make experimental theater, visual art, video, and lead ecosex walking tours & workshops. Once you know more about the budding ecosex movement, you might discover you are an ecosexual too.

Elizabeth Stephens is an artist, a professor at UCSC, and is working on a documentary film that aims to stop mountain top removal coal mining devastation in Appalachia. Annie Sprinkle was a pivotal player in the sex positive feminist movement, has a Ph.D. in human sexuality, and has lived and worked with Elizabeth for the past 11 years.  For more about Beth & Annie’s work, loveartlab.org


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