Dirty Sexecology: 25 Ways to Make Love to the Earth (Theater Piece)

We presented our two woman theater piece, Dirty Sexecology; 25 Ways to Make Love With the Earth, at the Kosmos Theater in Vienna, Europe’s oldest feminist theater. Our wonderful opera singing angel friend, Emma McNairy, made a guest appearance. The show was directed by Patty Gallagher, with some direction added by Nitza Tanenblat. We look forward to working more on this show, and presenting it again in the future. In the climax of the show, we make love with the Earth, in two breast like piles of dirt and get very, very dirty. Here’s the show’s blurbage:

Annie and Beth have come out of the closet as eco-sexuals! After watching the Earth be repeatedly raped, abused and exploited, they long to protect and pleasure her. In this new performance piece, Beth and Annie share the intimate details of how they make love with the Earth; how they talk dirty to her plants, massage her, dance naked for her, sing love songs to her, and get buried deep inside her soil. By the end of the show you will want to take the Earth as your lover too.

Dirty Sexecology Vienna March 5-6, 2010

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