Earthy: An Ecosex Bootcamp (Theater Piece)

We presented our new two-woman theater piece, Earthy; An Ecosex Boot Camp, at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco during the National Queer Arts Festival. The show was directed by Patty Gallagher, with some  assistance from Luke Dixon in London. We look forward to continuing to develop  this show, and taking it on the road  in the future. In the climax of the show, we make love with the Earth, in two breast like piles of dirt and get very, very dirty.

Earthy: An Ecosexual Love Story,  Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco, CA June 13-23

Earthy: An Ecosexual Love Story, Conway Hall, London, England,  July 23rd

EARTHY— AN ECOSEX BOOT CAMP AIMS TO MAKE ECO-ACTIVSM MORE SEXY, FUN AND DIVERSE MAY 18, 2013 CO-PRESENTED BY Queer Cultural Center Center for Sex and Culture SAN FRANCISCO, CA. Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle aim to get an ‘E’ added to the ‘GLBTQI’ moniker. E is for ecosexual. They also want to make eco-activism more enticing, as well as expand people’s notions of what sexuality can be. “In Earthy—An Ecosex Boot Camp, we will shift the metaphor from ‘Earth as mother’ to ‘Earth as lover,’ which will hopefully be a paradigm changing experience for our audience” the women explain.“By the time people leave the show, they will likely realize they are ecosexual too.” When Stephens and Sprinkle learned more about the environmental crisis, they saw red and went green. Today they are serious environmental activists, and two of the most visible movers and shakers in the budding international ecosex movement. They even wrote the Ecosex Manifesto! Describing San Francisco as “the clitoris of the USA, and the hotbed of the ecosex arts movement,” their show is largely funded with support from a San Francisco Arts Commission Cultural Equity Grant, a Theater Bay Area CASH award, as well as grants from UCSC, where Beth Stephens teaches art. Patty Gallagher, who is also at UCSC, directs the show. Describing their new performance piece, they say they will utilize humor, queer strategies, lots of dirt, and an intensely physical performance involving compost toilets, a bon fire, and a dramatic soundscape performance by Tony’s Circus of the Fresh Juice Party. Lighting design is by Shelia Malone, and graphic design concepts are by Kern Toy. Stephens and Sprinkle will also utilize their naked bodies as tools of resistance on stage. They point out that, “People are part of, not separate from, nature. Therefore all sex is actually ecosex.” The Center for Sex & Culture will be transformed into an “Ecosex Bootcamp,” with a host of sexy camp counselors. Audiences are invited to bring their cameras and can pose on the stage with the props after the show. The performance will climax with a bondage inspired protest, group wedding vows to the Earth, and a call and response to the question, “What in nature turns you on?” 8 shows only! Thursdays-Sundays: June 13, 14, 15, 16, and 20, 21, 22, 23 8:00 PM Center for Sex and Culture 1349 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94103

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