Wedding to the Rocks

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In Barcelona we married the rocks.  To symbolize this union we bought a beautiful black rock sculpture that we named Mr. Rocco. We married the rocks because rocks are the sexy,  strong beings that structure the Earth. The Silver Wedding to the Rocks is where Fluxus, meets Punk, meets Post Porn, meets Love Art Lab.  We will be be continuing to add documentation and credits as we gather it and have time. Pedro Castro took the photos from row 4 down. In the meantime a big thanks to all of the wonderful documentary artists who collaborated with us. We would also like to thank all of the wonderful performers who performed for the wedding as well as the institutions who hosted us.  All of the collaborators were fabulous and we could not have had the wedding without you.  See the program for the full list of credits including photographers. A video clip is also available on another site online: . We did not produce the video however.

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