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We have taught together as a team in many places, countries, and venues over the past twelve years. Every workshop is site specific, and varies in length, material, and activities. Each year we think up new ideas and possibilities. Currently our most popular workshops are our Ecosex Workshops.

Here is a general description:


Do you find being in nature sensual and even a bit erotic? Do you love skinny-dipping, lying in the sun, and the smell of cut grass? Do you long to have a deeper connection with nature? We will go on a stimulating journey as we shift the metaphor from “Earth as mother” to “Earth as lover.” Learn all about this satisfying new sexual identity “ecosexual.” Find your E-spot, discover where you are on the ecosexual scale, become more aware of the erotic possibilities with nature. Try some eco-sexercises such as hugging trees, licking rocks, making love to the roses.  We’ll explore nature through our senses and imaginations, through circulating energy and doing “ecstasy breathing.” We’ll share our stories, explore a variety of experiences, and inspire each other.

We will create safe and supportive space to explore the possibilities for more pleasure and deep satisfaction. We’ll will listen, taste, smell, see, and touch nature. Learn how loving the Earth romantically, and erotically can make your love grow to enormous proportions. We’ll mine our creativity, dig deep into our individual and collective desires. We will experiment, explore, make meaning, have fun, spread the love, be ecosexy, make new friends, make art, share food, and create performances. By the end of this workshop you will know that you always have a lover– your lover Earth. The workshops are site specific and vary according to the participant’s needs, desires, and the surroundings. No previous ecosex or sexuality workshop experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome to attend, all levels, all sexual persuasions and all genders.

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