Gay Pride Parade

We estimate that the ecosexual community is just a few thousand people strong world wide, but it’s growing. One summer we gathered a small contingent of ecosexuals, painted a few signs, and marched in the San Francisco gay pride parade. Our contingent got an amazing amount of friendly nods, thumbs up, and big smiles. We hope one day, that our ecosex community will grow strong and the parade will become the GLBTQIE (E for ecosexual pride) parade.


If you think about it, actually all sex is ecosex, as we are part, not separate from, nature. And after all, humans are made up mostly of water.

Part of our mission at the Institute of SexEcology is to entice people of all walks of life to join in  the serious environmental concerns that affect us all. Sometimes the environmental activist movement can be very conservative and “straight.” In the ecosex movement we welcome drag queens, differently gendered folks, queers of all stripes and colors as well as heterosexuals, bisexuals and asexuals (ecoromantics). Tree huggers unite!

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