Ecosex Herstories

Beth’s Ecosex Herstory

I have loved the Earth since I arrived on this planet although I could never find the words to articulate my unnatural closeness to nature. That is until my mid-forties. Growing up in Appalachia it was easy to spend time exploring my love without seeming unnatural. But as I grew older, I carried secret shame concerning the true object of my desire. I didn’t fit into the mandatory heterosexual scene that conscripted the destinies of my childhood companions.

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Annie’s Ecosex Herstory

MY NAME IS ANNIE SPRINKLE AND I AM A SYBARITIC COUGAR WITH ECOSEXUAL TENDENCIES. I am new bride, recently married to the Earth, the Sky and the Sea, and engaged to marry the Moon. Never had I imagined that I’d be so lucky in love, or become so consumed with seemingly crazy, taboo, sexual desires. Nothing prepared me for this kind of relationship, and for this strange, new sexual identity. There is so much to learn that I feel like a total eco-virgin, sun kissed for the very first time.

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