Assuming the Ecosexual Position (Visiting Artist Presentation)

Assuming the Ecosexual Position is our visiting artist lecture presentation, in which we share our adventures in romance, breast cancer, radical sex education, artificial insemination and environmental activism. Illustrated with photos, we show & tell how we came to marry the Earth, Sky, Sea, Appalachian Mountains, and more, in fifteen performance art weddings which thousands have witnessed. We share the details of our research, and experiences, in ecosexuality. We banter with each other, interact with our audience, and create what people tell us is an entertaining event. Our presentation aims to instill hope, create an antidote to fear, and act as a call for action. We are interested in how art can help create a more generous, more open society while pushing against the boundaries of what is considered art and what is considered life.

This is an improvised, site specific show. It is always evolving and changing. We will happily bring Assuming the Ecosexual Position to your gallery, theater, college, conference, workshop center, museum, expo, or other location. You might just find that by the end of our presentation, you will want to assume the ecosexual position too.

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