Visiting Artist Lecture Presentations

We are available to discuss a range of topics in our lectures. Often we will take you on an inspiring journey beginning with the parallel content of our early work, how we met and then began collaborating together in love and art. We share stories, photos, and videos of our wild, unique art experiments in romance, breast cancer, sex education, artificial insemination and environmental activism. Currently they are exploring “eco-sexuality,” where we have taken the Earth as our lover developing this into a new field of research “Sexecology.” Sexecology is where sex and ecology come together to create a place where pleasure and research intertwine in the discovery of new kinds of knowledge.

We have collaborated on fifteen performance art weddings. In addition to the Earth, we have married each other, the Sky, the Sea, the Appalachian Mountains, and more in collaboration with hundreds of artists, academics, sex workers, gender-queer communities, ecologists, and activists. Thousands have witnessed these works. The weddings almost represent an occupy love movement; making it clear that the protections afforded to some should be extended to all, including the environment. This is another area of focus that we often address.

Our projects aim to instill hope, create an antidote to fear, and act as a call for action. We are interested in how art can help create a more generous, more open society while pushing against the boundaries of what is considered art and what is considered life.

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