Dear Friends and Colleagues Extraordinaire, Greetings from the redwood forest. W…

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Dear Friends and Colleagues Extraordinaire,
Greetings from the redwood forest. We are writing to, 1.) say ‘hello’, 2.) inform you of our new projects, 3.) and extend an invitation to join us.
WATER MAKES US WET! We are launching several projects about the pleasures, politics, and importance of WATER! Perhaps you are up for doing something fun? Perhaps you, like us, love and take pleasure with water, and are concerned with the drought and the way water is being exploited and polluted? Join us in expressing your thoughts and feelings about water.
NEW FILM! After the success of our first documentary film, we are, GULP, starting another film! Goodbye Gauley Mountain—An Ecosexual Love Story (2013) played some great festivals, won some awards, and was picked up by Kino Lorber, a great distributor. Best part was that the film raised awareness about the destruction of mountain top removal coal mining in West Virginia and introduced all kinds of audiences to ecosexuality and the idea of Earth as lover. We want to extend this idea into a new film about water. This is where YOU come in! We’d like to invite you, and your friends, to create some performance pieces with us, and be in our new film.
PARADE PERFORMANCES! We’re doing two Pride parade contingents in June, officially adding the E (for Ecosexual) to GLBTQI, in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. These events will kick off with ribbon cutting ceremonies, water toasts, and some special short performances by special guests. Then we make our way along the parade routes. We’ll be dressed in black with blue accents as fierce, punk-rock-ish, sexy water warriors. La Pocha Nostra’s co-director Saul Garcia Lopez will direct us. Guillermo Gomez Pena and his beloved Balitronica are the godparents of this SF piece. Artist Sandy Stone is our Santa Cruz project angel.
CALL FOR COLLABORATORS! We seek performers, flag bearers, safety monitors, marchers, makers, make-up artists, hair artists, production assistants and more. We welcome humans of all body types, ages, genders, sexual preferences, colors, nationalities, mobilities and eco-proclivities. Find all the juicy details here:
Santa Cruz’s Ecosex Contingent Performance for June 7th:
San Francisco’s Ecosexual Contingent performance for June 28th:
ECOSEX WALKING TOURS–We are also performing Here Come the Ecosexuals!Walking Tour of Bernal Hill, directed by Joy Brooke Fairfield. June 21st we will film the 10:30 a.m. walk and would love to have you in our audience. (Free!) There’s also a tour at 5. Come get your ecosexual gaze on! Tour info here:
OUR SF HOUSE & BOULDER CREEK CABIN FOR RENT: In July, we will take off on a road trip around Northern California, exploring more about water with our film crew. To help fund our film crew and travels we are looking to rent out our houses for bits of July through September. If you or anyone is interested, contact us for more information.
A Ph.D. & A NEW BOOK! Beth is scheduled to defend her Ph.D. dissertation in October. Then at the end of this year, we have a book about our work due. Its called Assuming the Ecosexual Position, and it will be published by the great University of Minnesota Press. We expect photos of the above projects (perhaps with you in them) to be in the book.
We are busy bees here at Pollination Productions. Our greatest joy would be to have some quality time with YOU, soaking in the hot tub, hanging out at the beach… going swimming… Water makes us wet!
With sunshine and daffodils,
Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle

Santa Cruz Pride
ECOSEXUAL CONTINGENT PROJECT IN THE SANTA CRUZ PRIDE PARADE “Ecosexuality is a new approach to current thinking about global ecological crises, sexuality, eco-art and environmental activist strateg…

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