Donau Festival

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Beth and Annie will be marrying the soil and pollinating Ecosex in Krems. We ask for no material gifts, but invite people to collaborate on the creation of the wedding. Everyone is invited to attend and collaborate. Wear brown and dress as a bride or groom. Or, come as you are. Email for more info. More information on the call for collaborators and invatations will be released soon.

The 2014 donaufestival sets off on a quest in search of artistic statements that navigate within the thematic complex of humans, nature, exploitation, and exclusion between everyday realities and utopian concepts. In non-hierarchical group experiences, interventions in public space, and performative and discursive rituals, vehement visual, sonic, and vocal indictments against a world of exclusion, eradication, and destruction converge with utopian counter models for society beyond all obsolete dualistic thought and action schemes.

May 1
Location: Krems, Austria
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