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Our wonderful, generous, fabulous sponsors for our next movie and Pride Parade related projects are all up on our webpage now. We love you sponsors!!! Dear FB friends, feel free to "like" one or more of these great companies' FB pages if you want to reward them for helping create alternative economies where we all help each other do nice things. It takes an eco-village to build a world that loves and appreciates nature more. Sure, Beth and I could probably produce these things ourselves with our little budget, but not as abundantly and lavishly! We like to pamper our collaborators. YOU. Which brings me to our call for collaborators. On June 7 march in our 'celebrating water' contingent with us in Santa Cruz pride, and June 28 march with us in San Francisco pride. Details at Express yourself! Celebrate nature! Call attention to the eco-crises we are facing. Lets be the solution! Ra ra ra! I"m going to the BEACH today with my hubbie Joseph Kramer. fefore more tar hits the sand.
GT's Kombucha
Oh My Green – OMG
DOVE Distributors, Inc.
Pepples Donuts
Frontier Bites
Amy's Kitchen
Rainbow Grocery Cooperative
Lev's Original Kombucha
Any other businesses want to join us?

Food & Drink Sponsors
FOOD & DRINK SPONSORS To build a new movement, make a documentary film about loving and caring for water, and to nurture our ecosexual community and beyond, it takes an eco-village! Becka Shert…

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