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I spent 30 years making movies. Then stopped 10 years ago because making eclectic artsy sex oriented labors of love films are not commercial! If I had been a distributor of mainstream porn, I would be rich. RICH! But I never wanted to do that. I have too much I want to say, a need to experiment, and want to make some change. But when Beth wanted to make this film, I supported the project, because it was an important story that needed to be told. We love the mountains. I LOVE Appalachia. Its being destroyed. Poisoned. MTR coal mining is a protracted form of genocide there. This is serious shit we are trying to make palatable. There are virtually no fun queer environmental activist films (that we know of) other than Fuck For Forest. Check our our trailer, and if you resonate, please pitch in a few bucks if you are able so we can make some DVDs and get the word out. This is not a commercial venture. We put in all our own resources to make it. Its purely political, environmental, and some fresh kind of sex ed to boot. Don't make me beg! Just a few hours left for this kickstarter event. Anything helps cuz it adds up, and keeps us going.

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