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We're really hitting the big time with this gig we are flying to tomorrow. The "Museo Nacional Centro De Arte, Reina Sophia" is bringing us in for Somatheque 2013. Beatriz Preciado is hosting a conference, "Living and Resisting in the Neo-Liberal Condition." We are doing 2 days of events about our ecosex activist strategies for a bunch of super smarty pants powerhouse people. If the girls back at the Pink Pussycat could see me now! Or the Johns for that matter. Am pretty excited, and a bit intimidated too. Luckily Beth doesn't get intimidated so she will give me courage. Used to be pretty fluent in Spanish (lived in Panama 4 years) but now its pretty rusty. Here we go! Ya nos vamos.

Actividad – Somatheque 2013 – Living and resisting in the neoliberal condition | Museo Nacional Cent
This research and teaching program intends to examine the body as a political and cultural archive, critically distancing itself from approaches that consider the body a corpus, temple, nature, seat of sovereign power, sheath, place of residence, or property. In philosophical terms, it can be said t…

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