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Our (award winning) documentary is playing in the Regent movie theater in Arlington, Mass tomorrow, Tuesday night. It will be followed by a Q and A with the wonderful Abe Rybec of the Theater Offensive, who is from West Virginia and knows a lot about MTR and ecosex. It promises to be a lovely and very satisfying evening. We have been so busy with a performance yesterday that we haven't had time to really spread the word. If you know anyone in the Boston area or in Arlington area, please let them know about this special screening and I will give you a really big hard hug when I see you next and my deep gratitude. A good turn out for our first showing like this would make us very happy. We of course we want to get the word out about the painful realities of coal mining in as fun and sexy a way as possible! Thanks for any sharing!

The Regent Theatre | Arlington, MA
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