Ecosex Manifesto Exhibit at the Center for Sex & Culture

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This exhibit explored visually shifting the metaphor from “Mother” Earth (someone who takes care of you) to “Lover” Earth (someone you desire to care for). We believe that if people regarded the earth as a lush Garden of Eden full of sensual pleasures, as a sweet lover, perhaps they would take better care of our planet. We creatively explore environmental issues such as the pollution of the oceans, mountaintop removal strip-mining and the mindless consumption of resources. The Eco-Sexual Manifesto exhibit ‘queers’, eroticizes and glamorizes environmentalism as both a serious and satirical call to loving arms, and a political campaign. We made, sold and gave away items to raise ecosex community identification in the form of posters, bumper stickers, buttons, t-shirts, underwear, and other items. We also featured the Ecosexual Manifesto text as our rhetorical statement of political principles.

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