SEXECOLOGY: Making Love with the Earth, Sky and Sea

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We installed our green and blue year projects together, in an exhibit at Femina Potens Gallery in San Francisco. We called the show SEXECOLOGY: Making Love with the Earth, Sky and Sea. Exhibited were collages, drawings, photographs, texts, our wedding costumes and ephemera. The opening reception was packed when we performed some of our research about Sexecology and ecosexuality.

It takes a village to install an art exhibit, and we couldn’t have done it without the wonderful Femina Potens volunteers, and our generous and talented friends, Lady Monster, Tessa Willis, Ruby Pearl (who designed the glass case display and made the green wedding rings), Adam Harms, Hallie McConlogue, and others. Katharine Gates designed some.

This exhibit was supported in part by grants from the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Cultural Equity Grants Program, UCSC Arts Research Institute, and generous support from the Queer Cultural Center. We especially want to thank Madison Young, who is the woman behind Femina Potens, for her continued support of the Love Art Laboratory project.

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