Wedding to the Coal

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Today we are marrying the coal, because we love the Earth and we are thankful for its minerals. We also wish to call attention to the pain caused to the Earth through the socio-ecological devastation of the mining of carbon and the consumption of resources.

Neither of us ask for any material gift but we invite the people to help us to create. We are very grateful for all of your generosity and for this we are here.

Elizabeth’s family has worked in coal mining since 1640. Her family members and friends have died of lung diseases and other illnesses related to coal mining. Many people in Asturies have also been profoundly affected by the mining of coal. Coal has given us much. It has also taken quite a lot.

We are ecosexuals. We are changing the metaphor of the “Mother Earth” to the “Earth-lover” with the goal of generating more love and appreciation for our planet.

-Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens-

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