Wedding to the Appalachian Mountains

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Our Purple Wedding in Athens, Ohio took place Our Eco-Chaplain Sarah Vekesi Phillips, Mountain keeper Larry Gibson and our darling husband Joseph Kramer made this a very special and joyful occasion and we are very grateful to them for officiating and celebrating this event. We are equally as grateful to everyone who performed for the mountains as well as everyone who helped us out financially and in a million other ways. And thank you Collaborators. We could not have done this without each and every one of you. 

Below are photos by Elizabeth Dobson.  Articles about the Wedding to the Mountains: West Virginia Ville, West Virginia Ville (Part 2)


WE, ARTIST-BRIDES, ELIZABETH STEPHENS & ANNIE SPRINKLE, WILL CELEBRATE TWO PURPLE WEDDINGS THIS FALL 2010. First, Purple Wedding to the Moon, will be held in an outdoor amphitheater at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains in Altadena. CA (LA) under the full moon. Then Purple Wedding to the Appalachian Mountains will be produced with the University of Ohio, and will take place in the Gal- breath Chapel in Athens (Ohio), at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We invite everyone to join us in taking vows to love, honor and cherish the Moon and the Mountains. Or to simply come bear witness.

ON THESE AUSPICIOUS OCCASIONS WE WILL EXPLORE AND ENGAGE THE THEMES OF INTUITION (3rd eye. 6th chakra). water. moon. mountains. ecosexuality and our love of nature. We invite everyone to share our practice of loving the Moon and the Mountains romantically in order to create more intimate relationships with them. We aim to activate a network of global citizens, artists, activists. sexologists. spiritual practitioners. academics, local folk, family and others. We ask for no material gifts but invite people to collaborate on the creation of these weddings. We are thrilled to have the venerable Reverend Billy, his wife/director Savitri D, and the Church of Life After Shopping Choir officiating the Moon Wedding. Mountain Wedding will feature a homily by Lorry Gibson, the heroic keeper of the mountains.

IN OCTOBER 2009, NASA BOMBED THE MOON WITH EXPLOSIVES TO PROSPECT FOR WATER. We thought of the over 1500 miles of Appalachian creeks and streams that have been forever destroyed by mountain top removal coal mining corporations which use 3 million pounds of explosives per day and poison the water with toxic waste. Domestic terrorism now seems to have become intergalactic terrorism. We will stand up to protect and enjoy what still remains of our planet’s mountains and waters while working towards the creation of effective structures for a healthier environment. We will deploy ecosensual practices, artistic activism and love to help heal the damage that has been done. We intend to make the environmental movement a little more sexy and attractive in order to enlist even more citizens to join us in our ecosexual revolution. Our Purple Weddings aim to create a powerful love beam that will help illuminate the dire straits of the Moon and the Appalachian Mountains while drawing the connections between them. Life cannot exist without clean water and it is quickly running out. Let us gather together to explore ideas and enact changes that will enable future generations of humans, animals, and plants to co-exist and enjoy the sensual pleasures, and abundance of our magnificent lover Earth.

EVERYONE IS INVITED TO JOIN US FOR A HONEYMOON ECOSEX SYMPOSIUM the day after the Wedding to the Moon at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA. Together we will explore and learn more about sexecology. At University of Ohio we will have an art exhibit at the Trisolini Gallery, do a Sexecological Walking Tour and have an installation of wedding ephemera at Kennedy Art Museum.

JOIN US IN HOLY AND IRREVERENT MATRIMONY AT OUR CELEBRATION of love for the Moon. the Mountains, and each other. Please wear purple and keep your third eye open.

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