Wedding to Lake Kallavesi

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Today we will marry Lake Kallavesi. For this wedding, we asked for no material gifts. Instead we invited people to collaborate with us to help create the wedding. We are grateful for your participation in any form, from active engagement to quiet witnessing. Please feel free to join us in our vows to love, honor and cherish the Lake, if you so desire. Our deepest gratitude to everyone at ANTI-festival for producing their event. Enormous thanks to the captain and crew of the M/S Queen R.

May you always have clean water to drink, play in, and to soothe your soul. With this, we take the plunge.

xxxooo, Annie & Beth

Lake so blue, lake so deep,

She will all her secrets keep:

Young men fishing out of season,

Crazy lovers and no reason

Hiding in the night so blue,

I love you

I love you.



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