Ecosex Walking Tours

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We do walking tours of various sorts, from on hour long to a full day. Each tour is site specific. It can be from just a few people, up to about 60 people. When possible we offer the tours free, if producer can pay our artist fee. However sometimes we charge a fee to the tour-ists to make up our fee. For larger groups we need a couple of bullhorns. Sometimes we use a sign to lead the group. A walking tour can also be combined with a workshop, or bus ride, or other ideas. Here is an example of short tour:

SexEcological Walking Tour  
Alternate title: Ecosensual Walking Tour
With Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle

Join Beth & Annie as they point out the ecosexy sites around _________. Experience the fun when you shift the metaphor from “Earth as mother,” to “Earth as lover!” You’ll learn 25 ways to make love to the Earth, find your e-spot, and explore the eroticism of nature through your senses. In this unique tour, art meets theory meets practice meets activism. Adults only. Rain or shine.

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