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As “ecosex” and “sexecology” are relatively new and developing concepts and communities, we have created the ecosex symposium concept–where ecosex art, meets theory, meets practice, meets activism. As our first two symposiums were so successful, we are looking to do more of them and are looking for people and organizations to co-produce and collaborate with us. These symposiums bring together a diverse group of people; artists, academics, environmental activists, sex workers, nature fetishists, GLBTQI communities, political folks, students, and many others. You can view our program and photos from Ecosex Symposium II to get an idea of what it’s like. Ecosex Symposium 1 was four hours long.  Ecosex Symposium II was a full weekend. Our goal is to do a week-long Symposium retreat.  We are open to all possibilities. Let’s talk!

Learn more about Ecosex Sysmposium II

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